Jarvis Barkley

Human Air Elemental Sorcerer


Jarvis attracts attention were ever he goes. He is tall (6’ 5") with black hair and blue eyes.. After being hit by lightning he was left white strip of hair over the left ear and a scar down his back.
He is good natured and follows his own path. Dislikes orders and being told what to do. He likes to help others especially the weak and poor. Gold and treasure are not so important since being hit by lightning. Jarvis’ father would like him to take an interest in the family business but he is not.
The one thing Jarvis loves is magic, the casting of spells that blast creatures is his favorite thing to do.


Raised the child of a local merchant in the town of Sandpoint, Jarvis never really fit in. He had odd dreams and never could relate to the other children. All this changed when he was struck by lightning as a teenager. Miraculously unharmed, Jarvis could feel the lightning coursing through his veins. Wandering about the town in a daze, the storm raging around him, he was found by Madame Mvashti, a local seer and head of the Varisian community in Sandpoint. She recognized at once that he had a gift that would require nurturing. Though his Chelaxian family never wholly approved of his education by a Varisian, under her tutelage Jarvis learned to master the elemental forces within him, and when the Swallowtail Festival arrived he was prepared to show off what he had learned to the town.

Jarvis Barkley

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